My name is Charles Eden For the last 3 years I have owned J & B Detailing. Since I took over in 2009 I have helped J & B Detailing really reach its potential in automotive care. We originally only detailed Cars, Trucks and Semi-Trucks, NOW we detail Boats, Airplanes, Yachts and Motorcycles. Unfortunately for the last 9 months J & B Detailing was closed due to a horrific motorcycle accident I was in. Now I am back and stronger than ever. My vision is to educate all my customers in proper detailing procedures and provide excellent service to Columbia SC, Charleston SC, and Charlotte NC. My well trained staff and I plan on expanding J & B Detailing to the entire state of SC in the next 10 years. My goal is to have a shop and 3 vans in each major city in the great state of SC. I will be offering training courses, training videos, detailing consulting, and TONS of discounts. Please join J & B Detailing and become a part of our family. your business means everything to me and I will personally see to your satisfaction.

J&B Detailing has detailed over 800 cars and continues to have repeat business from our past customers. Our customers have expressed that the quality of our work is superior to that of other car detailing shops. What separates J&B Detailing from our competitors is that we offer personal attention and a convenient mobile service at the lowest prices.

-Charles Eden


Meet the Staff at J & B Detailing

Joe Federl
Founder of J & B Detailing and Boat Detailing Expert.

John Eden
Mobile Car Care Professional.

Travis Killian
Internet Specialist & Website Designer.