Boat Detailing

Are you looking for boat detailing in Charleston, SC and Hilton Head, SC? Then look no further, J&B Detailing has you covered. We have over 4 years of boat detailing experience. You can check out the video below for an example of our work:

Exterior wash

  • Thoroughly power wash boat exterior
  • Hand wash all chrome, fiberglass, windows, plastics, vinyl and all other exterior surfaces
  • Scrub the non-skid floors
  • Clean windows and clear plastics
  • Wash and degrease deck

Exterior compounding, buffing, and waxing

  • Remove all scuff marks, oxidation, scratches, swirl marks with a machine compounding process
  • Polish exterior hull and painted surfaces to restore shine and gloss to your boats finish
  • Wax with a long lasting synthetic paint sealant that creates a super high gloss shine and maximum protection

Cockpit cleaning

  • Degrease and clean floors, seats, vinyl, instrument panels, compartments, bilges and all other areas.
  • Shampoo and stain remove suede, sombrella, upholstry, vinyl and all other surfaces
  • Mildew and rust removal

Cabin cleaning

  • Vacuum entire cabin
  • Clean floors and all other wood work and trim and apply wood polish and protectant
  • Dust and clean all interior surfaces
  • Clean bathrooms, storage areas, cabinets, refrigerators, stove and entire kitchen
  • Polish all chrome
  • Shampoo and stain remove fabrics on couches and bedrooms

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